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Yes, this site deserves 5 stars according to my purchase experience. A big surprise. Real dolls are so soft and delicate. I gave it to a friend who tried it and said it was fine. The sex dolls are the same as the pictures on this site. It’s beautiful on the inside, it’s beautiful on the outside, and it feels so real, it’s unbelievable. He is very happy with the quality of the doll and has not found any issues so far. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s safe and legit. Intuitively, this silicone sex doll is still very realistic and visually quite erotic! It’s important to be happy with thunderous breasts. Feelings are the best, and I’m addicted to them. so pretty! Here are the most recommended Japanese sex dolls. I also want your happiness. If you don’t know what to buy, ask for it! You won’t be disappointed! She has everything to please a man. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this seller is legit and it’s safe to order sex dolls here. I was a little worried about the price, but the sex doll was cuter than the pictures. Very fast and attentive delivery. No one knew there was a doll in the box. Customer service is also good and fast. I was able to have a great shopping experience. This is a quality sex doll that can be used over and over without getting tired of the nubs designed to hit the glans perfectly. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, they are trustworthy. Best quality I have ever found! I am very happy with this doll. Very good products. Dimensions and details make it appear life-size when in use. Especially if I dress them up. I have tried to dress the doll into many style, and she never disappoints me. It feels very realistic, not just because the dimensions but also because of the real feel of the skin and delicate facial features. I will go back anytime for more dolls.

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Yes. both their products and service are great. First of all, this sex doll is even more beautiful than I imagined, and it is very comfortable to sleep or snuggle with clothes on. Breast rubbing clothes are the ultimate in beauty! I think this realistic sex doll body is a masterpiece. In short, the shape is much plumper, the face is also very beautiful, everything is perfect! This is recommended. Take her home and enjoy the evening.

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Yes, it’s safe to buy sex dolls at this site. Spicy beauty is creepy and visually quite erotic, and dizzying tits are the key to arousal. I can offload all my emotions and bad thoughts onto this sex doll and it makes me happier. It feels closer to the proportion of real girls than fat girls. I think it’s great. Big ass and big tits are what I love about big sex dolls. Thank you for all you do. well done! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this shop is legit and safe. Look no further…this is what you’ve been looking for! Especially for its price, this doll is a really fun sex toy. It feels heavy, much heavier than other toys I’ve tried, which adds to the “real” feel. The holes are well designed and look very real. Where it looks inviting, the materials are pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. Good choice for sex doll enthusiast. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legit. I wasn’t expecting much at first, but I was amazed by the quality of the textures and modeling! This silicone sex doll is even prettier than the photos! I am satisfied with the soft and comfortable realism. When you hold her smooth skin, you can feel the bones inside the silicone doll, so exciting! Only when you buy it will you know its magical effect. Don’t be surprised, the box is huge.

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Yes, the vendor is legit. This doll is very beautiful. Realism, modeling, etc. are perfect. I chose this doll at first sight. A bit heavy so it’s hard to maintain, but super cute so I don’t mind. The price is high, but I think it’s worth it. She is so beautiful and so soft to the touch, honestly, this sex doll is the best. This sex doll is so cute. And I think there’s a stronger sense of realism there, and you’re hooked.