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In a book Levy wrote, he cites a study of AIBO robot dog owners. The study found that a significant number of owners attribute real feelings and intentional behavior to their robot dogs. People want to see their robotic pets as real pets, Levy wrote. For this reason, they attribute dog-like emotions to them. mini sex doll However, the country’s divorce rate hit an all-time high of more than 3.1 million in the first nine months of last year. This shows that social values ​​in the country are changing.

In other countries around the world, sex dolls are starting to be controversial. In Barcelona, ​​2017, sex workers are crying when you open “Rumidoru”, Europe’s first sex doll brothel. The price with “girls” ranges from 80 to 60 euros. The bar had to close within a few months due to a lack of empowerment and opposition to objectification. cheap sex doll That’s why some brave people come out to show off their sex dolls, while others post pictures of them with sex dolls on the internet without fear of being judged. What to do with your sex doll is purely imaginary, you don’t have to stick to the above.

The dolls themselves are made in China, and even conflicting schedules prolong Yu’s orders.

TPE sex dolls have the same texture as real people, and the vagina completely imitates real people, which can achieve the same pleasure as real people having sex.