What to do with silicone and Tpe sex dolls?

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Some websites have a lot of aftermarket questions about sex dolls. For example, the related issues of “how to deal with and destroy silicone & TPE sex dolls” actually have a high number of page views. Not only is this part sorely needed, we also get to see those embarrassing and shocking sex doll corpse news scenes every month. How to destroy and dispose of sex dolls is an aftermarket issue. ESDOLL editor will find a way for everyone.

dispose of sex dolls

1. Environmental destruction method: First, you prepare a knife, scissors, and a hammer, cut the material with a knife, then segment it, and then cut the segment to separate it from the skeleton. After all the materials are separated, use scissors to cut into small pieces, of course, you can also use a knife to cut into small pieces. At this point, the skeleton remains. The joint structure of the skeleton is relatively fragile and can be broken open with a hammer.

abandoned sex doll pci

At this point, the decomposition is complete. Put all broken materials in garbage bags. The broken skeleton is tied up with rope. Silicone and TPE materials are thrown into non-recyclable trash cans. Skeletons can be sold to uncles who collect scrap. This method not only fully implements the concept of environmental protection, but also avoids misunderstandings and unnecessary panic about real corpse news scenes. Saves time and effort and is very reliable. highly recommended.

2. Non-environmental destruction way: If you are in the suburbs of the city or near the countryside, we can directly dismantle silicone dolls and sex dolls. Remember not to throw away casually, because realistic sex dolls can easily cause unnecessary panic.

First, find an empty space where no one is in and use a tool to break the sex doll’s joints and forcibly fold them together. Gather nearby hay piles together, prepare water, pull out the fire belt, and set the hay on fire.

Abandoned sex doll mistaken for real person

After the material is burned, splash water to put out the fire, shovel out the soil, add water and mix well, and then cover the charred skeleton. Destruction is now complete. Since the incineration process will generate a large amount of pollutants, it is not in line with the concept of environmental protection, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is not recommended to do so.

Abandoned sex doll mistaken for real person 12

The above two destruction methods are relatively simple and straightforward, and there are not many other mandatory requirements. However, the sex doll has been with us for a while. We might as well find her next owner and transfer her to the next owner through the second-hand trading platform, so as to save trouble and get some value.